Are your fascias, soffits and guttering looking tired and in need of repair? We can improve the appearance of your home and save you having to paint your fascias and soffits, making them maintenance free. We will remove all of your existing timber fascias and soffits and replace them completely with durable, virtually no maintenance, premium quality uPVC. We also include concealed ventilators, felt trays to prevent water penetration and eave comb fillers for general insect and bird protection. Soffit areas are replaced with rigid hollow tongue and grooved soffit board, slatted for maximum effect.

Say goodbye to spending hours up a ladder sanding and painting and instead replace them with our incredibly durable uPVC roofline alternative.

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  • Fascias & Soffits
    Fascias & Soffits

    Fascias & Soffits

    Timber fascias and soffits are incapable of performing to their very best once weathering begins to take its toll on them. You can attempt to delay the ageing process by applying capping boards over any rotting timber but the nails will more than likely come loose at some point and once again leave your fascias and soffits exposed to further deterioration. The worse the water damage gets, the more problems it will cause for your home and your finances.

    Instead of using such tactics, you are far better solving the issue by having brand new UPVC fascias and soffits fitted as they have a weather-resistant exterior and are more equipped to deal with weathering.

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  • Bargeboards


    The likelihood of any holes or gaps occurring in your roof timbers and roof lining will be hugely lessened if you have UPVC bargeboards put in place. They will require no form of maintenance which means that you will never have to go to the trouble of repainting them or need worry about the impact of the weather on their performance.

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  • Guttering
    Guttering & Downpipes

    Guttering & Downpipes

    The guttering and downpipe system is equally important as any other form of roofline that you have installed at your home. Choosing new guttering that matches the aesthetic styling of your home is made easy as it comes in five different forms and four coloured finishes. Who would have thought there would be so much choice when it comes to guttering?

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  • Cladding


    It’s very easy to give minimum consideration to cladding when modernising your home but it’s something you should never ignore, sharing equal importance to all other types of roofline. Timber cladding simply doesn’t compare to UPVC cladding as the latter option outperforms it in every respect.  Its proven lasting quality should be enough reason to secure your investment.

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  • Colour Options
    • Dark Walnut
      Dark Walnut
      Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
    • Black
      Black Black
    • Blue
      Blue Blue
    • Cream
      Cream Cream
    • Dark Teak
      Dark Teak
      Dark Teak Dark Teak
    • English Oak
      English Oak
      English Oak English Oak
    • Green
      Green Green
    • Grey
      Grey Grey
    • Light Oak
      Light Oak
      Light Oak Light Oak
    • Mahogany
      Mahogany Mahogany
    • Red
      Red Red
    • Red Walnut
      Red Walnut
      Red Walnut Red Walnut
    • Rosewood
      Rosewood Rosewood
    • Antique Pine
      Antique Pine
      Antique Pine Antique Pine
    • White
      White White

    Available in more colours that you??d imagine...

    Most people expect there to be very few colour options to choose from when purchasing roofline but in addition to the timeless favourite of traditional white we have an eclectic array of fabulous finishes. There’s no doubting the quality and reliability of our coloured roofline either as it comes with a 10 year guarantee, whilst our white roofline is equally dependable, carrying a 15 year guarantee.

    For help & advice call 01604 791791

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