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Beautiful conservatory blending into a home
A crucial part of keeping your door in tip-top condition is to consistently maintain the door so it can keep its colour and its driveway appeal. The first task to do to ensure the health of your door is to do a routine check to see if there is any damage or any discolouring on the door. There are few specific elements that you’ll need to look into. It is a necessity to just do basic cleaning on your door, you also do not need any complicated formulas or chemicals; just soap and water on a cloth is all you need for a healthy scrub down. You should do this on a regular monthly basis as this can keep it looking great and save you money on needing to repaint or recoating the door. 
Beautiful conservatory blending into a home
It very much depends on the issue that you are experiencing with your windows, whether a repair is sufficient to resolve the problem, rather than having to replace the whole window, although if your windows have seen better days or if they have been repaired multiple times, it may be the best option to upgrade them to new more energy efficient windows. 
Before deciding whether you need to replace any of your uPVC windows, we have listed several issues that you may be experiencing and our recommendation as to whether they can be repaired or would need to be replaced. 
Beautiful conservatory blending into a home
Have you considered adding a conservatory to your home? Maybe you’ve been put off by the thought of a considerable upfront investment, or your home becoming a bit of a building site, or nightmare stories of cowboy builders and poor craftsmanship. 
At Park Lane, we have years of experience designing and building conservatories for customers. We’re a trusted, reliable installer, and ensure the best possible quality for our clients. Our team of experienced professionals build conservatories to the highest possible standards, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the home and full building regulations compliance. We believe that conservatories are a great addition to any property, so keep reading to find out why we think you should invest in one. 
Home Extensions
Yes, it’s true, extending your home can increase its value. But that’s not the only benefit that a house extension can provide. For example, it can also add extra storage space, accommodation for both family and guests, and a bigger kitchen or living space. Before deciding on alterations to your home, we recommend that you seek out advice from our expert team to find out exactly how to expand your home without compromising its value. After years of putting time, money, and love into your home, who wants to risk reducing its value? 
New Front Door
There are three main types of new exterior front door that any homeowner can choose 
Wooden, Composite or uPVC 
All three have different benefits and features, so which one should you choose for your new front door? 
Gone is the day when your only choice in windows, was white uPVC, grey aluminium and if you wanted to add some colour then wooden windows was your only option. 
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