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It very much depends on the issue that you are experiencing with your windows, whether a repair is sufficient to resolve the problem, rather than having to replace the whole window, although if your windows have seen better days or if they have been repaired multiple times, it may be the best option to upgrade them to new more energy efficient windows. 
Before deciding whether you need to replace any of your uPVC windows, we have listed several issues that you may be experiencing and our recommendation as to whether they can be repaired or would need to be replaced. 

Window Condensation 

One problem can be condensation in the window between the panes of glass. You can tell that there is condensation within the panes of glass, if the window it is misted or fogged up or there are beads of water; similar if you breathe on glass with the intent of drawing a smiley face on the fogged window. Condensation can also appear on the outside of a window, this is natural and not anything to worry about as it shows that the window is thermally efficient, although if you have condensation on the inside of the window, this is likely to mean that there is an issue with the seal within the panes of glass. 
Condensation with the panes of glass or condensation on the inside of your window, we recommend that you replace the glass sealed units, you do not need to replace the windows themselves, therefore saving yourself some money. 

Cracked or Broken Glass in your Window 

With modern double-glazed glass, cracks or broken glass are rarer, than wooden single paned windows. If this does happen, it is more likely that only one of the panes of glass will become damaged. 
Even if only one of the panes of glass is damaged, this clearly needs a replacement as soon as possible as it is a vulnerability to the safety and security of your home, although again only the glass will need to be replaced. 

Water Leaking in through your Window 

Windows seals are the protective barrier to prevent the outside coming in through your window and it does depend on where the water is coming through as to whether a repair is possible or whether a new window is required. 
Arrange for your window to be assessed as to whether it is possible to repair the window or whether it would need to be replaced. 

Damaged uPVC Window Frame 

Minor damage to your uPVC window frame, the beading around the window is damaged or coming lose, major damage to the uPVC window frame. 
For either minor damage to your uPVC window this can be repaired, issues with the window beading then this can be replaced avoiding the need to replace the whole window, although if there is major damage to the uPVC of your window, then unfortunately, your window will need to be replaced. 

Difficulty opening, closing or locking your uPVC Window 

Unable to open your sash windows or very difficult to open or close without exerting a lot of force, handle does not fully close correctly or is very difficult to close, lock on the window doesn’t work, lost the key to your locking window. 
In most instances of these instances, your window can be repaired without the need to replace your window, new handles may be required, or even hinges but in some instances a small adjustment may be all that is needed, although a new window would be required if the sash opening window is bowed or mis-shaped in any way. 

What are the benefits of replacing my windows? 

Replacement windows will be more energy efficient, as uPVC windows and double glazed glass have seen huge developments in recent years, so you will save money on your energy bills, especially if you are experiencing issues, drafts or if your window’s are cold to the touch on the inside in cold weather, as this is a sign that the seal within the double glazed unit has failed, which if that is the case can just be replaced. 
Although uPVC windows are very low maintenance if they have not received any maintenance and are over a certain age, then they will not be looking their best anymore and in turn can detract from the look of your home. 
If you have drafts through your windows or they whistle when the wind blows is a sign that your windows were not well fitted initially or that the sealant is no longer effective, which will mean that you are losing valuable heat during the winter, which will increase your heating bills, so upgrading your windows will save you money in the long run. 
A minor benefit is that your curb appeal will increase with your new, modern, elegant windows so you can feel good about your windows when someone goes by your house and with so many different colour options for uPVC windows now, you can even stand out from your neighbours by having coloured windows, rather than white. 
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