uPVC Doors 

Perfection at affordable prices. 

A new door can make a huge difference to any entrance to your home, whether that’s the back door or front a UPVC door would be a great way to give your home the makeover it needs.  
When it comes to home improvements several households will look at updating their doors. This is mainly due to the fact they increase the aesthetic of any property; however, this could also be to improve the soundproofing and insulation. But of all the different materials and doors to choose from why should uPVC be the material to switch to? 
White uPVC french door
Park Lane range of French Doors include traditional, classic and contemporary designs. 
uPVC patio Door
Park Lane uPVC Patio Doors are stylish, contemporary , prcatical and perfect for enhancing any home. 
Black  uPVC Residential door
Park Lane uPVC Residential doors are made to measure and tailored to your specification and the style of your home. 
white uPVC stable door
Get a taste of the country with a replacement back door from our uPVC of traditional made to measure stable doors. 
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What Is a uPVC Door 

A uPVC door is made from an agent called Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Being unplasticized the plastic gains a higher durability as well as a resistance to sunlight, oxidation and a variety of chemicals, therefore making it suitable for doors and windows. 

Why Should I Get a uPVC Door? 

uPVC doors are a very popular door option for households in the UK. The main appeal of the uPVC doors is that they are very affordable and have amplified thermal efficiency as well as the security that they provide. They have many more benefits such as: 
Little to no upkeep 
You would assume that the uPVC doors would need a fair amount of care and attention required – however that’s not the case. The main maintenance required is to wipe down the door with some water and a cloth if it does need cleaning. 
Lots of front doors will let that unwanted draft and cold air in. But with a uPVC door, this isn’t the case as they are specifically built to insulate your home and prevent heat escaping, you can ensure strong winds and freezing temperatures won’t enter your house. Another insulation benefit is that all exterior noise will be blocked from the area in your home where the door is. 

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Doors can come with a huge price tag, which is usually not reasonable for most of us - but with a uPVC door, it’s affordable and looks great at the same time. On top of this, you would also be saving a lot of money on heating bills due to the cold air not being able to make its way into your home, and the heat that you’re paying for not escaping. 
Security features 
uPVC doors all have a robust multi-chamber frame, reinforced with steel and a multipoint locking system. The doors have glazing beads preventing any glass from being removed from the outside of the home for that added peace of mind. 
Different styles and colours 
Modern uPVC doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit your home and are widely and more readily available. Having a coloured or styled uPVC door allows for quick and easy pairing for the same colour and styled windows completing your house. Due to the substance of uPVC doors they are resistant to sunlight meaning they will not fade or flake in the sun and are built to last. 
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